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What to do if the torrent does not download?

What to do if the torrent does not download?


If you often use torrents, then you knows that the program may sometimes fail to successfully download a file. The download may be slow and intermittent. In this case, it is necessary to understand why this is happening.

Why the torrent doesn't download…

Various problems can arise with a torrent so that it stops downloading files. Downloading data consists in establishing a connection between users' computers. This process may not work properly for various reasons.

Most often, a torrent does not download for reasons such as:

1. An old version of the application is used.

2. There is a fault in the network connection.

3. There are no users (seeds) sharing the file.

4. VPN problems that don't always work with torrent trackers.

5. Incorrect settings.

6. Your Anti-Virus has terminated the connection.

Low rating in the closed torrent tracker

Private trackers contain rare and interesting files. To start using such a service, you need to register as a user and monitor the ratio - the amount of data transferred by another client. It is also possible to exceed the issued gigabyte download limit. In this case, you can reset the rating or pay to increase the download limit.

Lack of seeds

Whether you are able to download a file depends on the number of people (seeds) sharing it. Seeds and peers are the total number of users who are using the torrent file. If it is impossible to connect to seeds, then the file is most likely very old. In this case, you need to find a better torrent.

Incorrect settings on your torrent program itself

Your torrent client might have problems with its settings. You need to check these parameters.

Reference! First of all, you need to go to the settings (Ctrl + P).

Then take the following actions:

1. Check if the application is in the “connection” tab.

2. Enable forced encryption of outgoing protocols.

3. Generate or match a new port.

No internet connection

It could simply be that your internet connection periodically goes down. There can be many reasons for this. There might be a loss of connectivity due to a broken cable, or incorrect configuration of the router. Due to this, evidently, your files stop downloading. A number of problems can be oneself, while, for the rest, it may be necessary to contact technical support.

Limiting traffic

Many connections have an upper limit to the amount of data that can be downloaded daily. If this limitation is exceeded, the speed of the connection begins to drop, and then the network completely disappears. Your download stops because of this. It is best to, in your connections, set up a notification about the remaining amount of the data you can transfer.

What to do if torrent doesn't download files

When you download torrents, do not expect things to always work smoothly. Very often, when downloading a file, a user encounters a lot of problems, including a decrease in Internet speed and the torrent taking a long time to connect to seeds and peers. To troubleshoot this, you need to do the following:

1. Check your Internet connection. You can also check its speed with online programs. Make sure the network is connected to the PC.

2. Check the number of seeds and peers. If they are entirely absent or there are very few of them, then you need to download another torrent or wait for other participants to come online.

3. You can restart the program. Sometimes, there might be a temporary local problem.

4. Reset default settings.

5. If you are using a VPN, you can change the server. It is necessary to make sure that the torrent port is not blocked.

6. Due to traffic limitations by your internet provider, it is sometimes necessary to contact technical support.

Setting up a torrent client for stable operation

It is important to pay attention to the basic torrent settings. Some do not need to be changed at all. All changes will affect the download speed and performance.

1. The first settings are made during the utorrent installation. Here you need to enable automatic adding of the application to the Windows exceptions list.

2. Next, you need to use the automatic assistant. It will test the connection speed and all ports.

3. The main settings to change are the interface language, automatic updates, and preventing the computer from engaging sleep mode.

4. It is not recommended that you change anything in advanced settings.

What torrent clients can replace utorrent

There are several equivalents to utorrent that can replace it if necessary.

1. BitTorrent. In appearance, it is almost no different from a utorrent. It has an identical interface, capabilities and functions. This program slows down less and does not overload the hard drive. It works on all Windows versions.

2. MediaGet. The main advantage with this is that you can search for files and download them within the program itself. There is a large selection of download options.

3. Transmission. Previously, the utility only worked on Mac, but the creators released it for Windows as well. Despite the minimalism of the program, it has all the necessary functions. There is no advertising. There is an official and unofficial version.

4. Vuze. A fairly powerful and functional torrent client and media combine. There are various features that are not available in the usual uTorrent. You can search for files and even play them directly in the application. There are additions that change the design of the interface. The application can be downloaded for free or purchased as a paid version without ads and with antivirus software.

5. qBittorrent. A very convenient torrent client. The utility is free. The interface is identical to uTorrent. The program has different capabilities. It can search for files that are divided into categories. Also supports magnet links. It works on all Windows OS. The development of the program continues to this day. The last update was released on February 23rd.

6. Zona. It is a good and fast torrent client. There is a function for viewing online files. The interface is effortless to understand. There is a personal search engine for files. You can subscribe to certain torrents.

7. Deluge. Not the best look, but this is not what the program is for. It is intended for advanced users. The utility contains various plugins, and it is also possible to set a password to enter.


If you have problems downloading files via Torrent, you need to make sure that your Internet is working, and also check the application settings. You can reboot the torrent client or your PC or ask for help from a specialist.

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